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  1. Press Saute on the Instant Pot. Add oil when hot. Add mushrooms, onion, a good pinch of salt and cook for 3 mins, stirring occasionally.

  2. Deglaze with 2 tbsp water or white wine and continue to cook for another min. Remove the mushrooms from pot.

  3. Add vegan butter and flour and cook for a min, stir frequently. (Alternately, Skip this step and use more non dairy cream in the end for creamier pasta. flour can tend to burn easily in IP).

  4. Add broth, herbs, salt and mix in and bring to a boil. Mix well so that the roasted flour mixes gets picked up from the pan and mixes in. The stuck flour can cause burn error if not mixed in. (You can also add ½ cup soycurls/ vegan chicken here. Add a ½ cup more liquid for soycurls).

  5. Cancel saute. Add broken noodles and submerge in the mix. Add ⅓ cup water on top on the noodles to ensure enough covering liquid.

  6. Close the lid and pressure cook for 4 mins (manual hi pressure). Quick Release carefully after 3-4 mins.

  7. Add cashew cream to the noodles and mix well. Bring to just about a simmer on saute if needed. You can also add some green peas into the hot pasta at this point. Mix in half of the mushrooms.

  8. Taste and adjust salt and flavor. Remove noodles from the pot as the pot is still hot and will continue to cook the noodles. Mix in the mushrooms, Garnish with toasted breadcrumbs, vegan parm and parsley or basil and pepper flakes.